KF25 Angle Valve EV6002

The KF 25 Angle Valve model no. EV6002 is having following features:
Body composed of 304 Stainless Steel
Poppet made of 304 Stainless Steel
Bellows: Welded AM-350
Seal is composed of Viton O-Ring
Leak Rate: 2 x 10-9 torr to 760 torr Viton seal bonnet
Max Pressure Before Opening: 1.2 Bar
Bake-Out Limitation: 150º C Viton seal bonnet.

The Stainless Steel valves functioning manually and pneumatically are offered with and without bellows.Connecting Flanges are offered in KF, ISO, CF types, and Tube ends as well.All series angle valves convenient for vacuum applications such as high vacuum process processes, high vacuum applications in pumping systems, semiconductor technology and research systems are available.
  • Model: EV6002