D-Lab 20-100 Diaphragm Pump 230V A48017960

D-LAB membrane pumps with their chemically resistant Teflon® heads, diaphragms and Kalrez® valves, offer the chemical or pharmaceutical laboratory user a wide range of choice.The one head, 100 mbar ultimate vacuum pumps are suitable for use with drying equipment or for replacing water-jet pumps, whilst the two head, 8 mbar ultimate vacuum pumps are suitable for rotary evaporation, gas transfer and a wide range of medium vacuum applications.The vacuum pumps are gas tight, oil free, requires less maintenance and very silent.Chemical resistant parts of the pump head make this pump extraordinary for aggressive substances such as PTFE, FFKM, PVDF. There is a compact design with space saving dimensions. The Entire Edwards D lab is mounted on a Sturdy base plate which makes it safe and easy for transportation. Individual components are easily detachable and can be removed because they all have plug in connectors.
  • Model: A48017960
  • Manufacturer: Edwards Vacuum