Apiezon AP101 Grease 50 Gms

Apiezon AP101 is a silicone-free, excellent general purpose, hydrocarbon grease, which is intended for a variety of industrial and scientific applications.Apiezon AP101 is a specialist, anti-seize vacuum grease, containing PTFE, which confers superior anti-seize properties providing glass and metal surfaces with long-lasting lubrication and protection from fusing and corrosion.
Apiezon AP101: Anti-Seize Vacuum Grease Properties
Apiezon AP101 is a silicone-free anti-seize vacuum grease which:
-is ideally suited for use in low to medium vacuum ranges having a vapour pressure of <10-5 Torr at 20°C 
-has anti-seize properties, making it an effective protector and lubricant for metal surfaces which may be subject to seizure or corrosion
-is a critical lubricant
-is insoluble in most solvents, is resistant to water, alcohols, ketones and esters
-resists attack from aqueous acid and alkali solutions, alcoholic alkali solutions and corrosive gases.
-is suitable for use over a wide temperature range 
-does not suffer from contamination problems associated with silicone based greases such as ‘creep’ or ‘carry over’
-is easy to clean and remove using hot water and an aqueous glassware detergent, hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvents.
  • Model: AP101
  • Manufacturer: Apiezon