E2M1.5 200-230V 50/60HZ IEC A37132919

E2M0.7 and E2M1.5 two stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps are renowned for achieving high ultimate vacuum and rapid pumping speeds, with quiet operation and compact size. Providing long term reliability, these pumps have become the industry standard in range of scientific and laboratory applications, and the ideal partner for your tubomolecular pump.The drive is provided through and Oldham coupling by a single phase motor. The motor is totally enclosed and cooled by the motor-cooling fan which directs the air along the motor fins. A thermal overload devise is fitted to the motor which switches off the pump if the motor gets too hot, this will automatically reset when the motor cools down and restarts the pump.
  • Model: A37132919
  • Manufacturer: Edwards Vacuum