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Coolant for the recirculation chiller MB-RCC-1000 (1510200)
HKF 15.1 MW 65 Sales unit: 5 litre (Original item number: 2604911)
Part-No: 1510200
MB-RCC 1000 Circulating cooler (1510201)
Recirculation chiller for M.Braun systems Temperature range +5 bis +30
Part-No: 1510201
Cooling compressor 230V 50Hz (1510202)
Replacement compressor for MBRAUN refrigerator MB-GS-35. Commissioning must be carried out by a refrigeration company. (Original item number: 2600996)
Part-No: 1510202
Heat exchanger incl. mounting material (1510203)
For installation in the circulation piping within the gas purification unit. The box atmosphere is effectively cooled by this heat exchanger. The temperature inside the box remains within a comfortable range for the user. Water requirement: 3-5 l/min Cooling capacity up to 800 W depending on the connected refrigeration unit. (Original item number: 1500152)
Part-No: 1510203
Fan motor 230V (1510204)
For MBRAUN ceiling cooler MB-RKI. The installation must be carried out by a service technician or a trained electrician. (Original item number: 2608070)
Part-No: 1510204
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